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A showcase of SHIFT's latest projects

SHIFT is working with Bext360, a complete traceability solution, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things  and Blockchain, to create more transparent coffee supply chains that improve farmer incomes & livelihoods.

Saveur du Kivu is a celebration of the reemergence of specialty coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


As the specialty coffee cupping competition and annual meeting for representatives throughout the international supply chain, this event supports the construction of DRC’s specialty coffee industry, producing some of the world's finest Arabica coffee. The development of the specialty coffee industry in DRC is playing a crucial role in increasing economic stability & peace.

Living Income for Farmers

SHIFT and Great Lakes Coffee are exploring the concept of a "living income" for coffee farmers in Western Uganda. 


A living income is the money earned by a farmer from his/her produce, after all costs and taxes have been deducted, that enables that farmer and his/her family to afford a decent standard of living.

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