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Producer organization development

A 3-Pillar Approach to Developing Strong Producer Organizations

The SHIFT Producer Group Development methodology relies on  a market-driven phased approach that focuses on responsible and sustainable investments in producer groups and in communities. SHIFT views producer organizational capacity building as a function of three separate, but inter-related pillars. 

Through the integration of Socio-Ecological Resilience, Women’s Empowerment and Innovation/Technology initiatives, the SHIFT Producer Group Development Platform supports the creation of producer organizations that are poised to provide a vibrant future for the next generation of farmers.

Pillar 1-


Producer organizations in remote and isolated communities lack the resources to invest in inputs, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to improve the quality of their coffee and cocoa. Through investments in inputs, equipment and coffee processing infrastructure, producers will be able to access the resources they need to increase volume and quality of crops and productivity, while also increasing community resilience.

  Pillar 2- 


Producers will build new skills through the delivery of capacity building and targeted technical interventions focused on Agribusiness Training, Organizational Development, and Diversified Livelihoods. 

Pillar 3- 


Economically empower producers by building upon the foundation of a traceable coffee chain. This will be done by integrating mobile payments, access to finance, and linkages to formal financial systems. 

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