Sustainable Living incomeS in uganda

Promoting living incomes for Ugandan coffee farmers through sustainable agriculture 

The long-term commercial viability of the coffee sector in Uganda requires action now to improve sustainable agricultural practices and to support smallholder farmers to earn a Living Income from the cultivation of coffee and other crops/income-generating activities.


The Sustainable Living Income Project will identify the living income benchmarks for three Arabica coffee producing areas of Uganda, and then support Arabica coffee farmers within the Great Lakes Coffee (GLC) supply chain to meet the identified benchmarks in an environmentally/socially sustainable way. ​

The 24-month project will be supported by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) and GLC coffee industry partners and will include two separate work streams: 1- Living Income Benchmarking, and 2- Application of Living Income benchmarks to GLC’s Sustainable Coffee Supply Chain. 

Fast Facts

Location: Uganda

Coffee type: Arabica

Farmers impacted: 10,000 farmers

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Next steps


Initial Living Income benchmarks are being established for three Arabica coffee growing regions of Uganda.


The project is in the process of undertaking detailed farm household surveys for 10,000 farming households within the GLC supply chain. 


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