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Supply Chain Partnerships

Development impact through a supply chain approach

 We work with progressive, forward-thinking private sector partners who are committed to improving their supply chains through new ideas, partnerships and locally-driven development. 

SHIFT works with private sector partners as a development partner, so they can focus on their core business: buying and selling premium sustainable coffee.  We complement their sourcing, operations and marketing functions through programs that increase farmer income and livelihoods, while simultaneously increasing supply chain profitability and efficiency. Drawing on our experience, networks and resources to develop programs and partnerships, SHIFT’s support provides funding to scale up sourcing operations, strengthens relationships with producer communities and improves the value of coffee produced.

These partnerships simultaneously address the development needs of producing communities while improving supply chain efficiency and opening up new market opportunities for ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable coffee. 

Since 2014, SHIFT has generated more than $3 million in funding for our supply chain partners to improve productivity, capacity, investment and long-term sustainable impact in farming communities. 

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