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The drc Producer development platform 

Empowering Congolese coffee producers through strategic and coordinated intervention in the DRC. 

 The SHIFT Producer Group Development Platform is a cross-sectoral effort to intensify support for at least 7-9 coffee  producing organizations/communities in Eastern DRC over a period of seven years. By bringing together and coordinating different supply chain and NGO partners, the Platform provides a more efficient and strategic way for engaging with producer groups and communities.

Stakeholder collaboration for greater impact

The Platform takes an innovative approach to producer organization, working with traditional producer groups/cooperatives, out-grower schemes and industry supported producer organizations. 


The Platform views producer organizational capacity building as a function of three separate, but inter-related pillars. 

Pillar 1- Equipment/Infrastructure

Pillar 2- Training & Capacity Building

Pillar 3- Economic Empowerment 

Through the three-pillar approach and the  integration of Socio-Ecological Resilience, Women’s Empowerment and Innovation/Technology initiatives, the SHIFT Producer Group Development Platform will support the creation of producer organizations and a DRC coffee sector that is poised to provide a vibrant future for the next generation of Congolese farmers.

Learn more about SHIFT's 3-Pillar Approach to developing strong producer organizations here. 

Location: South Kivu, North Kivu and Ituri DRC.

Coffee type: Arabica

Farmers impacted: 7-9 producer groups over a period of 7 years.


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Next Steps

The Platform is currently accepting new producer, NGO and supply chain partners. For more information on the Platform's 3-Pillar approach and how your organization can be part of the platform click here.  

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